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About Us

Duke Investment Club is the premier student finance organization at Duke University. The club is run by undergraduates under the supervision of a faculty adviser and manages a $50,000+ portion of the Duke Endowment in coordination with the Duke University Management Company (DUMAC). In addition to opportunities to conduct investment research as an undergraduate, the club offers students unrivaled networking opportunities, a strong history of successful alumni placements, and exclusive events with top firms.

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Investor Training Program (ITP) is the hallmark of Duke Investment Club’s education initiatives. The 8-week course assumes no prior knowledge and instills fundamental finance concepts in students interested in the industry. ITP is taught in both Fall and Spring semesters.

Analyst Training Program (ATP) is an extension of ITP designed for students who are selected as Analysts. ATP is a rigorous, 4-week course which focuses on more advanced investment research and modeling in various asset classes.

In addition to its education initiatives, Duke Investment Club’s weekly general body meetings and regular workshops feature engaging and useful content, including pitches, market discussions, and Q&A sessions with industry professionals.


Duke Investment Club manages a portfolio of global equities with the purpose of achieving strong risk-adjusted returns over a multi-year time horizon. Duke Investment Club employs a deeply fundamental approach to investing with a focus on forming variant perspectives supported by value-recognizing catalysts. In addition to its core portfolio, Duke Investment Club also invests in short-term special situations and event-driven opportunities.

Analysts are placed each semester on sector teams led by Portfolio Managers. Analysts are responsible for covering names and keeping their teams up-to-date on current positions as well as market news. Pitches are presented at weekly general body meetings and are rigorously discussed in Investment Committee. Positions in the portfolio are closely monitored and constantly examined against new opportunities.